Hello there,

My name is Jonathan Weid.  I am a PhD candidate in the Philosophy Department at Northwestern University.

I am mostly interested in epistemology. But you can read more about my research here. 


Recent or Upcoming Talks:

Feb 2023

  • "Testimonial Injustice as Testimonial Mistreatment"

  • Central APA Two-Hour Symposium Session, Denver, Colorado 

Nov. 2022

  • "Testimonial Injustice as Testimonial Mistreatment"

  • The Indiana Philosophical Association Meeting, University of Indiana, Kokomo


Nov. 2022

  • "Testimonial Injustice as Testimonial Mistreatment"

  • The Illinois Philosophical Association Conference, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Oct. 2022

  • "Testimonial Injustice as Testimonial Mistreatment"

  • The 83rd annual Virginia Philosophical Association Meeting 


Sept. 2022

  • "Information Systems and Hermeneutical Injustice"

  • MANCEPT: Misinformation, Expertise, and Challenges to Democracy

June 2022

  • “Moral Encroachment in Conversation” 

  • USC Rightness, Ignorance, Uncertainty and Praise Workshop

April 2022

  • Comments on Tim Smartt’s “Scepticism about Epistemic Blame”

  • Northwestern-Notre Dame Graduate Student Conference in Epistemology